Professional Coaching

"Professional coaching is an ongoing partnership that helps clients/patients produce fulfilling results in their personal and professional lives. Through the process of coaching, clients/patients deepen their learning, improve their performance and enhance the quality of their lives."

- International Coach Federation

Individual Coaching

In my signature individual coaching sessions, I work directly with you on life and business issues. I'll customize plans specifically to help you reach your goals, overcome your setbacks, and start creating and living an exceptional life. Coaching is not therapy or counseling, and does not explore your past as a means to understand the present. It is not designed to deal with or heal emotional trauma, and advice is not offered to you.

For specific questions, registered for a Complimentary Discovery Coaching Session.

Coach Gale's Specialties Include:

  • Choose between Skype, FaceTime, or Telephone coaching sessions
  • Exclusive privacy and confidentiality with one-on-one coach sessions
  • Greater clarity as coach and client work together to create a comprehensive plan
  • Increased self confidence, self-awareness, self-esteem - important keys to success in life
  • Increased commitment to creating and living your vision of an exceptional life
  • Convenient and easy automated payments
  • Be the first to know about new opportunities and programs being offered


Learn how you can coach with Gale. Click the Schedule Now button to register for a Complimentary Discovery Session. 


Coach Gale offers several packages to accommodate the demands of your busy schedule, offering you more flexibility and value savings. Long term coaching packages (6 sessions, 12 sessions, and 24 sessions) also include additional laser coaching sessions and unlimited email support.

  • BRONZE Level • 6 Individual Coaching Sessions • 50 minute scheduled appointments •Telephone or Skype/FaceTime from anywhere in the world • Email support (maximum of 12 emails from client) • Sessions completed within 3 months of first coaching session.
  • SILVER Level • 12 Individual Coaching Sessions • 50 minutes scheduled appointments • Telephone or Skype/FaceTime from anywhere in the world • 1 additional FREE 20 minute laser coaching session • Unlimited email support • Sessions completed within 6 months of the first coaching session.
  • GOLD Level • 24 Individual Coaching Sessions • 50 minutes scheduled appointments • Telephone or Skype/FaceTime from anywhere in the world • 2 additional FREE 20 minute laser coaching sessions • Unlimited email support • Sessions completed within 12 months of the first coaching session.
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“Gale O'Brien's professionalism and insight shine through in her coaching.  I have found her to be warm and easy-going and that not only made me feel more comfortable but it also made the coaching process enjoyable.  Gale's skillful coaching  has helped me gain clarity and direction in some issues that had me 'stuck', and I recommend her to those who would like avail themselves of the many benefits of being coached.”

John Shepard

“Gale is a professional, wise and compassionate coach who listens well and hears what is said and what is not said.  Because of her life and business experience, she is exceptionally able to help people dream, push through, grow and/or overcome whether your challenges are large or small.”

Lynn Henderson

“Gale O’Brien is an insightful coach with an engaging, flexible and compassionate style. I felt like I was in such good hands with Gale and I trusted her to keep me on track and challenge me so that I would be successful.  It was a pleasure working with her and I highly recommend her.”

Toni Genovese

“An exceptional life is one that is made by working with exceptional people. Coach Gale provides a safe, understanding and inspired opportunity to discover what your greatest steps are at this time. This is a leader who compassionately draws forth your best, in ways you had never thought of before. You will be blessed to be coached by Gale O’Brien.”

Christine Malenda, MhD