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How to Find Health and Happiness After Cancer

Transformation: Creating an Exceptional Life in the Face of Cancer begins by walking you through the author’s unexpected journey through cancer. It delves into how setting an intention to live can change the course of ones survival. Finally, this book provides helpful strategies and opens the door to living an exceptional life after a serious illness.

This book will teach you how to:

Taken together and practiced, these ten steps can transform your life from stress and despair to joy and fulfillment.

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New Mexico Press Women Excellence in Communication Award Winner

Marita Noon, Author of 20 books including Wired This Way and Energy Freedom

“When Gale was diagnosed with cancer, she didn’t let it beat her down. She made a choice to live proactively, which involved the integration of food, fitness and faith. Gale faced her cancer treatments with courage. Now on the other side of her cancer journey, Gale glows with health and vitality. Her reflections and lifestyle changes will be an encouragement to anyone struggling with serious illness.”



Creating an Exceptional Life in the Face of Cancer

"Your book is a companion…like having a good friend along, egging one forward to believe for a bright tomorrow and encouraging others to intentionally configure their life to bring that about. One can easily see the depth and variety of research you put into your book, making it not only one that is encouraging but also overflowing with resources. Your efforts have a far-reaching potential to bless so many others.”

Maria Fischer

"As I am presently going through breast cancer treatment, I found Gale's book to be a Godsend. It's peaceful yet honest point of view gives me hope that I too, can be transformed after this diagnosis. I found this book gentle and nurturing, like a hot cup of tea on a cold day."

Carmen Severino

"The author shares her personal journey mixed with a variety of tools and insights on the spiritual journey that is taken when one is facing cancer. Gale discusses mindset, diet and exercise. She interviews a wide variety of experts in the book who support her practical tools for transformation in the face of the frightening diagnosis of cancer. Gale is warm, funny and inspiring as she shares her candid voice about the impact of cancer and the choices we face to transcend our fear and anger. Gale O'Brien is a powerful life coach for women who want to be able to look at their lives through a different perspective. She is thought-provoking and practical. This book adds an important dimension to medical treatment and focuses on the emotional healing that is needed as part of the journey to wellness. Many people have said cancer was their "wake up call," Gale O'Brien is a catalyst who ignites the conscious awareness we all need to experience in order to understand our personal role in creating our health and well being."

Kristen White

“If I were to be diagnosed with cancer, I would want Gale O’Brien at my side. If that were not possible, then I would have her book. In straightforward language and personal insight as a cancer survivor, Gale sensitively addressed her journey from diagnosis through treatment and all that she (and her body) learned along the way. It is a powerful story of learning, redefining, surviving, and sharing…and one every person should read whether they have cancer or not."

Patricia Harrison

"As Gale's life coach during one of the most difficult times of her life, I watched her transform into a confident, assertive, happy woman with a purpose. Gale took her new life skills and summoned her strength and courage to become her own health advocate. She empowered her voice in her health care decisions, and she made her self-care a number one priority. Gale is a champion and an inspiration. I highly recommend that you read Gale's book. You will be inspired and educated, all at the same time!"

Janis Pullen

"Gale chronicles her life changing bout with cancer in an emotionally charged account infused with knowledge and experience that helped turn her outlook around from bewildered despair to focused determination. This is a book of inspiration, finding hope in a seemingly hopeless situation and practical information for anyone seeking help in dealing with cancer or dealing with someone who is afflicted with this horrible disease. Hats off to Gale O'Brien--a gifted author."

Nancy Jill Thames